Athletic Sports Massage & Deep Tissue

Active athletes, children, adolescent and adults use the legs, arms, back and shoulders extensively. We have developed a special massage therapy regimen for sports and ball...

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Hand and Foot Reflexology

We have therapists trained in Hand and foot reflexology. Applying pressure to the proper areas of the feet and hand unblocks energy and promotes healing in other...

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Full Body Massage & Relaxation

Our massage therapists are trained in several massage techniques that are great for total body relaxation, and tension relief. If you feel your current massage therapy regimen...

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Pre and Post Natal Massage

Consider a prenatal massage to improve blood flow, reduce stress and loosen all the abdominal and back muscles you are using during your pregnancy...

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Our Mission

“By the Minute Massage Masters” mission is to make the therapeutic benefits of massage a part of everyone’s daily life.

Why us

Imagine if you had a choice to receive a full body massage or just a massage treatment of the areas that need it the most. Now imagine you could commit as much or as little time to your massage treatment as you wanted, with no contract or commitment.

Suncrest Utah Deep Tissue Massage

$1.00 per minute Massage

For this reason we have created our “Buy the Minute Massage” plan.
With no strings, no contracts, no commitments you can come to our studio and, for as little as $20.00 per session for 20 minutes you can have a massage specifically tailored to meet your therapeutic needs. This allows our clients to come in 3, 4, 5 even 6 times a week to deal with specific injuries, pain and issues.

And for those who need full body massages we have “Buy the Minute Massage” plans for you also.