Deep Tissue Massage American Fork

Athletic Sports Massage & Deep Tissue

Active athletes, children, adolescent and adults use the legs, arms, back and shoulders extensively. We have developed a special massage therapy regimen for sports and ball players that promote leg health, shoulder and back health. We recommend that serious hockey players, lacrosse players, tennis players, baseball players and golfers are put on a regular massage therapy treatment plan. This plan will keep the cuff rotators loose and flexible. It will also keep the muscle attachments to the scapula, clavicle, maintained.  Each sport impacts the legs differently and our Lehi massage therapists will customize a treatment suited for your sport.
We have found that the gracilis, IT Band, Sartorius, and adductors are very tight in runners and bicyclists. These are muscles that are very difficult to stretch without custom massage techniques. A 30 minute massage on a runner’s feet and calves will relieve pain, tension, and promote better performance. Consistent foot massage for runners is also great for shin pain, toe pain, and other nagging foot and leg related injuries.