Massage for hamstring Injuries

Many athletes, runners, bicyclists, hockey players, tennis players, golfers, football players, basketball players, health club fanatics, weightlifters, and swimmers need regular massage therapy. Athletes experience pulled hamstring muscles, strained hamstrings, and tight hamstring muscles. You are not alone in dealing with your hamstring injury. Our Lehi massage spa and studio deals with many situations where the hamstrings are pulled, strained or injured. Many times you may be told to stretch it or ice it. In many cases this may make matters worse. We have found consistent massage therapy and hamstring rubs loosen the hamstring muscles. Before the area can be repaired it is important to work on the surrounding areas also. The gluteal muscles, the IT band, and Tensor Fascia Late all need to be loosened up to take the stress off of the hamstrings. Sometimes Hamstring issues may literally feel like a pain in the butt, or you may feel knots in the hamstring muscles. Our client athletes come from Lehi , American Fork, Salt Lake City, Herriman, Draper , Bluffdale , and surrounding suburbs to deal with pulled hamstrings, hamstring strains, and hamstring rejuvenation and loosening. Consider a 20 minute massage 3-4 times a week to deal with your hamstring pain or injury.

Massage for Leg Pain

Your legs are the foundation to all athletic activities and activities requiring movement. Think of the stress that your legs take during running, playing basketball, figure skating, or playing hockey. Ask any marathoner on a regular massage treatment program what the results are. It is vitally important that your calves, quadriceps, TFL, adductors, and abductors are proactively massaged. At times yes it is nice to have a $80.00 full body massage, but we all don’t have that time or money. Enter our “Buy the Minute Massage Plan”. For as little as $25.00 per visit you can be put on a massage therapy regimen that will loosen your calves, quads, and hamstrings so you can do the activities you love to do. Don’t do it alone you will be amazed at what a regular massage routine can do for your legs. Our clients come from Lehi , Salt Lake City, Cottonwood, Riverton, Draper , Bluffdale , and surrounding suburbs to deal with tight leg muscles. Consider a 20 minute massage 3-4 times a week to deal with your leg pain, injury or tightness.