MASSAGE FOR headaches and circulation

Massage for improved Circulation

Many issues such as gout, cramps, leg fatigue, and leg inflammation may be related to poor blood circulation. A consistent massage therapy plan may help relieve some of the symptoms related to poor circulation. Our Lehi massage therapy studio provides a proactive massage therapy program suited to your individual needs.  The important thing is to visit regularly, and use our “Buy the minute Massage plan” to help. No commitment, contracts, or high prices.

Massage for Headaches & Migraines

Massage treatment may help relieve tension and migraine headaches. A massage in the occipital (Back of the skull) area, temporalis, and cranium, may relieve head pain. The Chinese have been using massage for thousands of years to relieve facial, cranial, TMJ and head pain. For as little as $30.00 you can sit back and have tight head muscles loosened through various cranial massage techniques. You are not alone our Lehi massage therapist may be able to help relieve some of your headache and head pain issues.