MASSAGE FOR Hip and shoulders

Massage for Hip Pain and tightness

The hips and shoulders are the most moveable joints in the body.  They are connected by many muscles and ligaments.  Hip pain can cause performance issues, numbing problems and circulation issues. You are not alone. Many times the answer for chronic hip problems is surgery. You may want to consider a massage therapy to deal with chronic hip pain and hip movement. Massage loosens up the muscles and ligaments in the area and may improve circulation, and may provide relief and healing. The muscles that most impact the hip joint are the hip rotators, gluteals, and hip flexors. Try a massage treatment that works those areas for as little as $30.00 per visit. Come to our massage studio in Lehi and start a hip treatment today. The important thing is to visit regularly, and use our “Buy the minute Massage plan” to help your painful hip. No commitment, contracts, high prices just hip pain relief.

Massage for Shoulder Pain and tightness

Swimmers, tennis players, baseball players, lacrosse players, and hockey players should all be on a weekly massage routine for their shoulders. Keeping the shoulders loose and flexible and getting blood there are keys to maintaining the shoulder joint. The scapula is a key part of the shoulder. Its motion allows shoulder movement, and is connected to many ligaments and muscles.  Imagine the force it takes to throw a baseball or hit a hockey puck, and the shoulder joint takes all of this pressure and force. The shoulder muscles, the rotator cuff muscles, the rhomboids, and deltoid must all be maintained and kept loose. If you are playing sports like baseball, hockey, or tennis a regimen of at least 2 days a week during season should be maintained to keep the area loose and flexible. This is especially important for child athletes. Don’t think child athletes are invincible. Our Lehi massage therapy studio provides a proactive massage therapy program suited to your individual needs.  The important thing is to visit regularly, and use our “Buy the minute Massage plan” to help maintain your shoulder health. No commitment, contracts, or high prices.