MASSAGE styles

Athletic Sports Massage& Deep Tissue

Active athletes, children, adolescent and adults use the legs, arms, back and shoulders extensively. We have developed a special massage therapy regimen for sports and ball players that promote leg health, shoulder and back health. We recommend that serious hockey players, lacrosse players, tennis players, baseball players and golfers are put on a regular massage therapy treatment plan. This plan will keep the cuff rotators loose and flexible. It will also keep the muscle attachments to the scapula, clavicle, maintained.  Each sport impacts the legs differently and our Lehi massage therapists will customize a treatment suited for your sport.
We have found that the gracilis, IT Band, Sartorius, and adductors are very tight in runners and bicyclists. These are muscles that are very difficult to stretch without custom massage techniques. A 30 minute massage on a runner’s feet and calves will relieve pain, tension, and promote better performance. Consistent foot massage for runners is also great for shin pain, toe pain, and other nagging foot and leg related injuries.


Full Body Massage& Relaxation

Our massage therapists are trained in several massage techniques that are great for total body relaxation, and tension relief. If you feel your current massage therapy regimen leaves you wanting, consider a massage from By the Minute Massage Masters. Our Lehi massage pros use various techniques, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point, facilitated stretching and myofascial release to make sure you get the most out of each and every massage treatment session.



Pre and Post Natal Massage

Consider a prenatal massage to improve blood flow, reduce stress and loosen all the abdominal and back muscles you are using during your pregnancy. Rest assured as little as 20 minutes will make your stomach and pelvic area feel rejuvenated and alive after our massage. The massage treatment was developed especially for you Lehi moms to be. Imagine how you will feel after a session in which your stretched skin and stomach muscles are massaged and blood flow is increased to the area. We will also massage your feet, legs back and shoulder to insure the full body feels relaxed and rejuvenated. With our “Buy the Minute Massage plan” some of our girls come in 2 to 3 times a week.
Then after your baby is born it’s time to recondition your muscles and skin, and there is no better place than in our Lehi massage studio for post pregnancy massages. Let us help to reduce stress and improve blood flow as the body recovers from the pregnancy. Leg rubs, body rubs, back rubs, and stomach rubs can all be part of the massage session.



Hand and Foot Reflexology

We have therapists trained in Hand and foot reflexology. Applying pressure to the proper areas of the feet and hand unblocks energy and promotes healing in other parts of the body. Accu-pressure applied correctly to your feet and hands can promote healing and a sense of well-being. Make an appointment in our Lehi studio for your reflexology needs. Even a 20 minute foot and hand massage brings relief. No commitment, no contract, no strings attached, just a commitment from our therapists to bring relief to your body and help you feel refreshed.