Other Massage benifits

Before beginning any treatment it is advised that you seek medical advice from a doctor. By the Minute Massage Masters is in no way providing medical advice or intending to imply that our services take the place of traditional medical treatment.

Our Lehi massage studio has been known to provide relief for following conditions and maladies:
Massage for muscle knots, muscle spasms, and back spasms. Sometimes you may wake up or turn in a certain way and you feel it. A muscle tightens and knots up or the muscle spasms and tightens up. Without massage it may take weeks or months to heal. With massage treatment for muscle knots and spasms in our Lehi studio we can treat the area and you can feel relief sometimes as quickly as the same day.

We provide massage for Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, and Migraine Headaches. With these chronic conditions massage is indicated, and our buy the minute massage plan of $1.00 per minute allows you to visit when you need it the most.
Massage for pinched nerves in Lehi . Sometimes the muscles tighten up so much they pinch a nerve, massage can help with pinched nerves, nerve pain, and muscle soreness.

Massage for whiplash is indicated with doctor approval. Come to our Lehi studio for relief from whiplash soreness and chronic nerve and muscle pain.

Athletes with groin injuries, and tennis elbow can be treated with massage therapy. Turf toe, golfers elbow, and shin splints are treatable with massage therapy in our Lehi massage therapy office.

Rotator cuff injuries and those diagnosed with Thoracic outlet syndrome can be treated with massage. You will be amazed what a regular massage regimen in Lehi can do to improve shoulder movement, shoulder pain and rotator cuff issues.

Massage for knee pain is also helpful. Sometimes the muscles supporting the knee are so tight they impact the movement of the entire joint. Consider a Lehi sports massage to relieve knee pain issues.

Massage therapy in Lehi can help relieve TMJ syndrome, bruxism, and jaw clenching. The muscles supporting your jaw are the strongest in your body, and if you are experiencing headaches, jaw pain tinnitus massage can help.

Our massage treatments can also help relieve stress and issues related with depression, insomnia, and anxiety. A massage can trigger chemical reactions in hormones that counter the effects of depression and anxiety.

Massage is also beneficial to help blood flow to areas with scar tissues from burns, broken bones or other injuries. The proper massage regimen can help stimulate the skin, and soften the damaged tissue, promoting relief and healing.

Consider a Lehi massage session to improve circulation, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and release good hormones!!!