Affordable Massage in Lehi

Perhaps you have received a gift certificate before, or are part of a monthly massage plan, and have received regular massage treatments in the past.

Full body massage and body rub treatments are a wonderful luxury and should be a part of everyone’s health regimen, however who can afford to have a full body massage on a daily or weekly basis?
Some can and we are open to those clients, but if you have a limited amount of time and resources and are experiencing pain or tightness in a specific area why not just have that area worked on?

Examples of how “Buy the Minute Massage” works

These examples may help you understand our massage therapy services. You may be experiencing a sore neck, neck pain after work, or general soreness in and around the cervical neck area. After our evaluation, we will develop a treatment plan, which can deal with the pinched nerve, the tight muscle and the neck pain. The treatment plan in our Lehi studio may only require 20-30 minutes at which point you would only be paying for $1.00 per minute.

Another example would be runners and other athletes. Runners have extremely developed muscles in their legs. These muscles rarely get a chance to heal, or loosen up, and many times are stretched improperly. If you are serious about running you should be serious about deep tissue leg massage. A 20 minute session, in our Lehi studio, at target muscles, like the Tensor Fascia Late, the IT Band, Hamstings, adductors, and quads will loosen up your legs and give you recovery and tension relief.

Consistency is the key to successful massage benefits

Like most things consistency is key. We are committed to our client’s success, healing, and recovery. It would be foolish to think that a once a month massage will provide all the benefits that massage therapy has. In order for us to succeed we have to give you access to timely and consistent massage techniques, developed specifically for you! No two clients are alike; all body types are different, different ages, different injuries, and different needs. What remains constant though is consistency, if we can get you to our Lehi studio on a regular basis we can both succeed!

Consider Mobile Massage services for corporate gatherings, and social events

By the Minute Massage masters are available to come to your event and provide massage services. Consider having a chair massage therapist at your next event. What better way to reward employees then providing a relaxing massage at your next company outing. We are available for girl's night out, and other social gatherings. Consider our Lehi mobile massage services for your next party. Reward yourself or your friends with a massage without having to leave your home.